Hahah Ka

I was looking at imgur.com and came across this:

My wife sees it and says “What are hipsters? Is that a type of underwear?”

I couldn’t stop laughing.


Yearly Tahoe trip 2011

Took my yearly ski trip to Tahoe over the past President’s Day weekend.  This makes 11 years now that we have had the trip, and I have only missed a single one (last year due to Snowpocalypse shutting down the airports).  As usual I didn’t bother taking any pictures and just enjoyed my time there skiing Kirkwood.  An amazing 8 feet of snow dropped while we were there making it a “fun” 13 hour drive to get to the house.   Much fun was had with a great bunch of people.  I think this may be the first year where we didn’t have a “one.”  Clem’s blog will have much more detail and pictures at http://gamerabaenre.com/?p=1472

Afterwards, we made a trip to Monteray, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Clem and I went to Point Lobos and dove off of Whaler’s Cove.  The water was a frigid 52 degree F but we would not be stopped!  It reinforces however my desire to take a “dry suit” class.

Below are the pictures I took with my cheap $120 Intova IC10 underwater camera.  The camera has some issues, but for the price I can’t complain when it gives me some of these beautiful shots.  More pictures on Clem’s blog of the dive trip.


Happy Valentine’s Ka!

Valentine’s Day present for my wife was delivered today!!

She was soooo excited!!!
New Dishwasher


Lovely wife

Valentine’s day is coming up and so all the TV sitcoms are about love. And Ka and I were watching one and it was about how sometimes in relationships people misrepresent themselves or pretend to be different in order to impress the person they are dating. She was scandalized that people would do that.

Ka Mun looks at me lovingly and says, “I never lied to you before we started dating.”



Turtles and Snails

A coworker of mine sent me an email with a delicious idea. Meat turtles!  I threw together the simple ingredients and decided to surprise my wife with a prepared dinner she could just throw into the oven the next day.  Ground Beef, Bacon, Cheese, and hotdogs.  The basic staples of life.  Make a large beef paddy, throw some cheese on it, and then wrap it in a bacon weave.  Add hotdogs for legs/head/tail.  If you slice the end of the “leg” dogs with three cuts you’ll get nice looking toes for the feet.  I cut the dogs in half before inserting them but there’s no reason you couldn’t use whole ones depending on how big you want your turtles.  Loosely cover with foil and bake 20-30 mins at 400.  Eat!


Afterwards I had some leftover meat and didn’t really want to make another turtle so I decided to get creative and made a snail.  While certainly harder to cook I think it came out nicely.  It’s held on by two toothpicks.  Overall pretty delicious.  Would probably take a lot better if I had a grill 🙁  The last pic is the best where my wife suggested adding antennae!  She’s so smart.