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Keroro Finishes Snapping Sumo

I went ahead and stickered up Keroro so he’s a little more entertaining to have watch me build. Then I finished up snapping my Sumo together and test fitted it. Glued a few of the pieces together on the sumo. And broke a few more spokes off of pieces by accident. Wow are those things fragile. Now for a lot of cleanup work to try and remove the seam lines and fix up badly matching pieces.



This is the first kit I’ve ever snapped together. It was meant as a test to see if I’d like making models and a good practice kit for removing some seam lines and such. I basically just snapped it together, and glued two pieces together. There really wasn’t much else to do.

Here’s a bunch of the pieces:
Bunch of pieces :)

I used Tenax and a Q-tip to glue together a few of the pieces. Q-tips work horrible. Don’t try it.

All snapped!

I’ll eventually come back to really clean it up and paint it but he’s happily watching me for now.