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Strange New World

I found out today that my sister is getting married.

I found out on Facebook.

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Lake Rawlings – Adv Open Water

While I’m still waiting for the pictures from my wedding photographer I guess I’ll post about this weekend instead. During my wedding, I got PADI Certified for Open Water Scuba. Well, not DURING the wedding but shortly afterwards. That means I could now buy scuba gear and go down to about 66 feet underwater. This weekend I got my Advanced Open Water PADI Certification. That means I can go down another 10 meters (99 feet). Not that this means much since once I’m in the water there’s nothing stopping me from going as far down as I want other than the risk of death or getting “the bends.”
Lake Rawlings is an old quarry in Virginia. They used to mine granite there until they hit an aquifier and it became a lake. Oops. Since it’s all granite though, there’s no silt so it has some of the best visibility you’ll see on the east coast between Maine and Florida. They even have fresh water clams to help keep it clear which somehow got there naturally from the aquafier. The place is really cool to dive at.

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I’m getting to it

I promise I’m going to get to doing the summary of my wedding, I’m just still waiting on my photographer to give me the photos! In the mean time…

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