Yearly Tahoe trip 2011

Took my yearly ski trip to Tahoe over the past President’s Day weekend.  This makes 11 years now that we have had the trip, and I have only missed a single one (last year due to Snowpocalypse shutting down the airports).  As usual I didn’t bother taking any pictures and just enjoyed my time there skiing Kirkwood.  An amazing 8 feet of snow dropped while we were there making it a “fun” 13 hour drive to get to the house.   Much fun was had with a great bunch of people.  I think this may be the first year where we didn’t have a “one.”  Clem’s blog will have much more detail and pictures at

Afterwards, we made a trip to Monteray, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Clem and I went to Point Lobos and dove off of Whaler’s Cove.  The water was a frigid 52 degree F but we would not be stopped!  It reinforces however my desire to take a “dry suit” class.

Below are the pictures I took with my cheap $120 Intova IC10 underwater camera.  The camera has some issues, but for the price I can’t complain when it gives me some of these beautiful shots.  More pictures on Clem’s blog of the dive trip.

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