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Uncomfortable silence

Hrm….so I just went to use the restroom at my work (which is in the hallway shared with the rest of the building).  I go in to use one of the urinals (the ones on the wall).   I start peeing.  As I’m going I hear a little kid with their dad in one of the stalls.  The dad is helping the kid use the toilet and the kid is asking all sorts of questions “what’s this? what’s that?” and the dad dutifully answers everything with “don’t touch that” being a common chorus.

I’m still going as they finish and quickly wash their hands.  That’s when the kid walks behind me and I notice out of the corner of my eye it’s a 3-4yo girl.  She points at me (I have my back to them of course) and goes “What’s that daddy?  Why is that man standing at the wall?”

I stayed uncomfortably silent as the father ignored the question and hurried them out the door.