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Quick Update

I’m back from the wedding. We got back about 11pm on the 18th. My wife has had me cleaning for most of the time we’ve been back (sigh) so I haven’t had time to do an update with a review of the whole trip. I’m still trying to get pictures from everyone too.

Here’s a quick teaser photo for now.

In the meantime you can always read Gamera’s summary of the whole thing complete with his pictures.


Can’t Run Now!

I’m off to Jamaica to get hitched!

See everyone soon!

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New Mattress

In preparation for my upcoming nuptuals the fiance and I purchased a new bed.  The story of this is pretty humorous to start with.  She’s Chinese and randomly told me one day that I had to buy us a new bed.  I was okay with this and had planned on purchasing a new bed for us anyway since my existing mattress has a big dip in the middle now.  This dip would have been amusing at first since I imagine every time I jump in the bed it would cause the bed to fling her bodily through the air at me and we’d meet in the middle.  I can see this losing it’s charm quickly however.  Anyway I digress.  Apparently there is some Chinese custom about a new bed but she, embarrassed, said she wouldn’t explain it to me and said I should ask my friend Gamera.   Gamera explains to me that apparently if the woman buys the bed it means she’s basically “throwing herself” at the groom.  She should have just lied and told me it was just some random tradition because from then on I INSISTED she purchase the bed 🙂

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Weather Worries!

Looks like we’re in for some weather at my wedding.

Hanna, Ike, and Josephine! Ahhh! We’re praying they turn north enough that we get some sun while we’re down there. We knew it was a risk going in September during hurricane season. We’re still hoping things turn out okay! I can have fun anywhere so I’m not too worried but I don’t know if my guests feel the same way. I’m really appreciative of the people that cared enough to make it so the weather upsets me the most for their sakes.