Second Annual Fishing Trip

Going fishing with my coworkers has turned into an annual event.  A number of coworkers, friends and I went out fishing on the Chesapeake Bay.  Going out on Captain Ireland’s Patience we left the dock at 6am for almost 8 hours of beer and fish.  Last year we immediately caught our limit of rockfish and headed back.  This year the rockfish were much harder to find and so we caught a large number of bluefish as well.  31 in fact!  Add that to 17 rockfish (our limit + one for the boat) and a spanish mackerel and we had an amazing haul.











My wonderful wife cooked them all up tonight and it was delicious.  The rockfish we stuffed with salt, scallions, chopped up ginger, oil and baked at 350 until done.  We then dip each chunk in a very small amount of soy sauce.  We slightly overcooked it but it was still absolutely delicious.  The bluefish filets we dipped in flour, salt, old Bay, and ginger powder and then pan fried them for 2 mins on each side.  Bluefish is normally a very strong tasting fish, but the pan frying virtually eliminated the fishiness.  It had a nice thin crust and was also really good.

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