Super bowl prep

Tomorrow is the day most American men wait season long for.  The Super bowl.  Some for the game, some for the commercials, most for the Super Bowl party.  I decided to have my own small little gather this year and started the prep work for it today.  My menu:

  • Bacon Explosion burgers
  • Beer Brats/Sausages
  • Manwich Cups
  • Trail Bologna with Baby Swiss cheese
  • Spinach/Cream Cheese pinwheels
  • Green Salad with Balsamic Vinegar/Oil dressing

Since I’m volunteering at my church to work the a video camera during all three services tomorrow there’s no way I can get this all done before the party so much of it I’m doing today. My wife helped a little by washing the salad greens and doing the pinwheels.  Pretty easy.  Tortilla, some cream cheese, spinach and meat.  I used Budding beef/ham.  Roll it up tight and cut.  The end pieces usually need toothpicks.  A secret to make these is to make sure that you put cream cheese along the end of the tortilla.  That way when you roll it up it acts like glue and keeps it from falling apart.

The trail bologna as always is easy.  I just chopped that up into slices and removed the skin.  Chinese takeout boxes make WONDERFUL containers to keep dishes in the fridge.  I also chopped up 3 peppers for the brats/sausages to grill tomorrow.  One red, one yellow, and one orange.  I don’t really like green peppers that much so hopefully my guests prefer the other colors as well.  I also chopped up the romaine lettuce.  All of these go into the fridge for tomorrow.

The Manwich was easy to prepare as well. You just brown a pound of meat and then add the Manwich in. Normally at this point you’d just put it on bread and eat your sloppy joe but I’m saving it for tomorrow when I’ll make little bread cups, put the meat in, sprinkle some cheese and throw it in the oven to bake the bread. Should be delicious. I used ground turkey here instead of beef as a concession to my wife since I’m going to destroy everyone’s arteries with this next beauty that most of the effort went into.

The Bacon Explosion. A perfectly prepared package of pulchritudinous pork. The pictures should explain the whole story. Make a bacon weave, spread sausage all over it, add BBQ sauce, roll it up, add more BBQ sauce, put it on a cookie sheet over a tray to catch the grease, and bake for 2.5 hours at 225 (though I moved it up to 250 halfway through). This will be put into the fridge as well, and cut into slices tomorrow. Microwave, put on bread with a slice of cheese. MmmMmMmm should be amazing.

Can’t wait to eat it tomorrow!

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