Otakon 2008

I attended Otakon this weekend with GameraBaenre. It was a good time as usual. I didn’t even bring a camera so no pictures from me, but my coworker Ciprian went and is a camera nut so I’ll try to update this post with links to his pictures at some point.

Gamera’s pictures are here.
Official Otakon pictures are here.
Ciprian’s pictures are here

Gamera managed to take two awards at the model competition and gave me his “Best In Show” prize. A Perfect Grade W-Gundam Zero Custom. This thing is massive. I’m scared to even start working on it. I’m not even going to open the box until after I’ve finished my Gouf at least.

Thank you Gamera. I think. You know, you’re a real ass for getting me started on this modeling stuff.

At the show I was going to get some Code Geass models for a diorama idea I had but they sold out of the kit before I could pick it up on Saturday. Probably just as well since they’re some of the first ones out and they weren’t that good looking.

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