Gouf Ignited Initial Build

I bought this model at the same time as my Keroro, at Anime Expo 2008. I got this to try to finish before Otakon 2008. It was going to be a surprise for my friend GameraBaenre who has been trying to get me to start model for a while (and bought the Keroro). I only managed to get it primed before Otakon however. Oh well, I can enter it into the contest next year. Assuming I get an airbrush before then.

Here’s the part tree minus a few pieces I had already started working on before I remembered to snap a picture.

I was too busy actually putting it together to take very many good shots of my progress. I’ll try to do better with future kits. Here’s me sanding off some nubs. You can see some Keroro parts in the background 🙂

I did all the normal sanding, and removed all my seams. The parts fit nicely but had some challenges so this was a good kit for a beginner like myself. I primed it all up after sanding and here’s some shots of it all put together.

I was pretty happy with it 🙂 Gamera was impressed with my seam work for what was my first real model. I credit it completely to his model building tutorials. I really wish I had taken more pictures. I had some really tricky issues that I fixed like when I spilled a bunch of Tenax all over a piece and ended up with a gooey mess. Or the wrists that were round when I started, and kinda squarish when I was finished sanding. I had to fix these with some milliputt putty.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll mess up again and I can document those things better next time.

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