Goodbye Bachelor Days

The Best-Man at my upcoming wedding took care of his bachelor party duties this weekend. Knowing my desire to actually stay engaged he wisely opted for a much more tame gathering of friends to cheer the loss of my freedom. The day started with an enjoyable round of 18 holes at Little Bennett golf course. It was the third course I’ve been to, and was by far the nicest so far. We had two groups of three, and played “best ball” against each other. The front nine my team of Benny, Brian, and myself won by 2 strokes. At the back nine we switched up the teams a little due to perceived imbalances that began to form due to ethanol interference. This backfired though as the beer ran out and people began to sober up causing the new Brian, Brian, and Nick team to defeat the Benny, Justice, Alex team by six strokes.

After the golfing we went for dinner at my favorite Yuraku where we consumed large quantities of “naked” fish. And I was pleasantly surprised by Ciprian, Carey, and Chris showing up to join us for dinner. Now having 1 “A”, 3 “B”s, and 3 “C”s the alphabet was shaping up nicely. Our waitress seemed a little confused and asked us “Aren’t you supposed to be out looking at strippers?” when she found out this was my bachelor party but got the umbrella for the picture on the right to the delight of my companions. I ordered the table the infamous stuffed peppers that Sunny (the chef) makes and enjoyed watching the delight or torment on everyone’s faces depending on how spicy the piece they grabbed was. Ciprian and I also had some wasabi tobiko which everyone else declined to try after having gone through the pepper treatment.

After dinner a few folks left for home but the rest of us finished the evening at my house trying the different types of moonshine I have from my family in Tennesee as well as the delicious Emporer’s Brand Imperial Vodka which I’m happy to see that Alex felt was also good quality. If a Russian with as picky tastes as Alex says it’s good, then it’s good. The evening finished with drinks and conversation as people dwindled home and finished with just Alex and I left discussing the state of the world late into the night like so many times in the past.

Not the normal type of Bachelor Party that people expect, but one I quite enjoyed and prefer. Benny did a great job organizing everything and I hope everyone had a good time 🙂

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