Gah! My primer isn’t sticking!

So I was chatting to GameraBaenre about my priming and such when I put some masking tape on a piece and then pulled it off. And was like….hrm…that part looks darker now. The primer came off! At first we thought perhaps it was just these two small pieces, because I had handled them a lot so maybe the oil from my fingers had gotten on them. Most of the pieces I had soaked in Simple Green degreaser for just that reason.

Turns out it’s all of the black pieces that didn’t require any sanding. Apparently the black pieces are really really smooth, so the primer didn’t have anything to stick to. Luckily this was pretty much just the waist, feet, and chest piece. The wings I had done some sanding work on so those were fine. So I had to remove all the primer that wasn’t on well by sticking tape on the piece and ripping it off repeatedly until things stopped falling off. Sigh.

Now I just have to sand those, and then re-prime them.

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