Gah, I sanded away my panel lines!

I had noticed this before but when I’m sanding away my seam lines, if those seams meet a panel line I end up sanding away the panel line too. This isn’t good. Those are SUPPOSED to be there. See how the panel line in the very center (which of course is super bright from the flash making it hard to see) is very faint, almost gone.

So I went to the store and got a Excel brand Needle Point Hobby Awl for 2.99. (Also known as a scribing tool) The sales guy tried to get me to buy a 9.99 version but I mean really…it’s a sharp piece of metal. 2.99 is fine. I then used this to VERY CAREFULLY scrape the panel line into the plastic. GameraBaenre suggested I put a piece of tape on it to mark the line I wanted and scrape along the edge of the tape. This just made me uncomfortable so I just did it by starting at the edges and working my way in till they met (again, very very faintly). Once I had a straight line going across then I kept working over it until it was deeper and more visible.

It doesn’t look as good as the original, but once I paint it and mark up the panel lines it should look fine. At least it’s visible now 🙂

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