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Starting the year off fob

My wife and I spent new years eve with her sister and husband. We slept over at their place and were enjoying a nice lazy morning in bed. My sweet spouse was playing with my goatee which has grown rather long since my trimmer broke recently.

Wife: Wow, it’s grown really long and fuzzy. It feels like a turd.
Me: Excuse me?
Wife: You know, a turd. Like fresh grass.
Me: Do you mean “turf?”
Wife: Oh, yeah that.


Caribbean cruise!

My wife and I were blessed to be able to take a vacation this last week.  Along with my sister-in-law and her husband we went on a 6 day cruise in the Caribbean on Carnival Cruise Lines.   This is my third cruise now having been on Disney and Royal Caribbean before.  Of the three I think my overall impression of Carnival is that it is the worst of the three but that shouldn’t be taken too badly.  I still had a great time.  I think it would be better if it was my first cruise.  Then I would have appreciated the extra quality of the other cruise lines more.  Overall it was a good trip but most of my pictures and memories are of my diving which is what most of this post is about.

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I had just finished washing my hands in the kitchen sink but there was no hand towel on the oven.  But my wife was standing there so I used her shirt :)  She was not pleased.

Wife:  Are you insinuating that I am a kitchen accessory?

Me:  You _are_ a woman.

Wife:  *SMACK*


Funny Clients :)

I was surprised this morning to find a large box sitting on my chair from a morning delivery.  To my surprise it was an early birthday present from my client.  They got me a Butt Station from Kito Design along with a card that they all signed. It was quite unexpected and I am very thankful to be blessed with a client like them. Thanks guys!


New Vehicle

Yup, that’s right.  I finally broke down.  The truck is up for sale on craigslist as I write this.  I have purchased myself a brand new 2009 Jeep Wrangerl Unlimited.  I didn’t get quite the price I wanted, or quite the options I wanted, but I did get a pretty good deal on it so I’m happy.

Now to buy some after-market parts for it!