Anime EXPO '06

I looked forward to Anime EXPO as my first convention other than Otakon which I have gone to several times. My friend Clement was kind enough to let me stay at his place so it was a fairly cheap trip. My beautiful and kind girlfriend Ka Mun humored me enough to dress up as Gidget from the anime Eureka seveN. I of course, went as Gidget's boyfriend Moondoggie. We made our own costumes.

I had borrowed my mom's old digital camera after she bought a new one, so I was trying to figure out how to use it on the way to the con.

We stopped by 7-11 for breakfast. California 7-11s look just like Maryland 7-11s.

Here's the lovely couple now. Waiting in line. (With Clementine and Terry) Waiting in HUGE lines. What the.... I pre-reged 2 months early to wait in line for 2 hours just to get my badge holder? A defective plastic badge holder that keeps falling off every 5 minutes? This was a pre-cursor of my major complaint about Anime EXPO. They have lines to get tickets to wait in line. I'm not kidding. Their planning is horrible. From what I understand they do this so the local hotels get a perk for their customers. They get a "line ticket" for getting a room there. It's stupid. Everyone else has to wait in a two hour line for the major events to get a ticket so that they can get in the line and wait for three hours at the event. In the morning they had a huge ass line in order to get everyone through one door at the dealer's room. It took like 30 mins to get everyone inside. If they just OPENED ALL THE DOORS, they could have had everyone inside in 5 minutes. They coulda just had all those people that were taking care of the line to just stand by the door and check badges. Seriously stupid. If I decide not to go back next year, the lines will be why.

Our first day there, my gf and I were approached by a Japanese man with a translator who wanted to take our picture. Who did that person turn out to be? Why the directory of Eureka seveN! Tomoki Kyoda! Of course, we were quite happy to take a picture with him:)

I saw him again at the Eureka seveN panel on Sunday where I asked him a question about the series. In the beginning of episode 24 (the one I based our boards off of) Gidget is seen waxing her board with the green donut on it. When Eureka takes the board later and jumps out of the ship with it, there is no longer a donut on it, but instead a silver box. I asked why, but thought that it was just a mistake. Turns out it wasn't. The green donut is actually a "training wheel" which is why there is one on Gidget and Renton's board but not on Holland or Eureka's. True experts that can read the Trapar don't need them. Cool huh?

On Monday (3pm) a bunch of Eureka seveN cosplayers all met together for a group photo shoot where he pop'd up again.

We also took some pictures with the Bandai girls that were dressed up from the anime. The girl dressed up as Talho had the largest breasts I have ever seen in real life on an asian girl that wasn't fat. (Which explains why I have so many pics of her)

There was another group of people from Xenosaga. Awesome costumes. The bike is awesome.

Clem gave a workshop on modeling on three of the different days. It worked out really well. He did a great job but it's not suprising if you've seen a few of his completed models. He won 4 of the 5 modeling awards this year. Though he was a little upset cause of the lack of competition. But hey...almost $300+ dollars in free loot from winning helps anyone feel better. :) The few pics I took were crappy cause of the lighting and I didn't take many cause I was too busy running around with the samples.

As usual there were a few very scary moments at the con.

Ka Mun (poor girl) wasn't as excited about the Con as I was :)

I was pleasantly suprised to see costumes from Yakikate and Eyeshield 21.

And the Pimp Mario Crew complete with Hoes definatly gets recognition.


Here are the rest of the pictures I took of random costumes. There are quite a few hotties in there. Overall I had a great time other than the lines and not being able to go to the AMV awards. I also forgot my camera the second day so I don't have as many pictures as I wanted to take. And since Ka Mun was with me, I couldn't be obnoxious and take pictures of all the ugly people in hideous costumes for your amusement either :( Oh well, Otakon is coming up :) There are a bunch more pictures of the con on Clement's AnimeEXPO page.